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Vilimir Yordanov
Vilimir Yordanov
Financial Engineering (Fixed Income, Derivatives, Credit, FX), Global Macro, Asset Management

sportsbet.ioVilimir has a background in Economics and Mathematics. After an employment as a portfolio manager at the largest Bulgarian asset management company, he decided to get advanced knowledge in Finance on postgraduate level. He thinks that such is required with the growth of complication in financial markets. He considers that theory and practice should go hand in hand and he targets his research at pursuing such type of novel financial markets applications by combining academic work with industrial consulting.

Vilimir is mainly interested in Financial Engineering and Global Macro. He focuses sportsbet.iohis work on pricing and risk management of financial instruments from different asset classes (bias towards Fixed Income) using the tools of Financial Mathematics. He also goes further and by employing structural macro intuition analyses what factors drive their prices aiming at further applications in portfolio management, (quant) research and strategy, and trading.

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