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Bogdan Stankovski
Bogdan Stankovski
Market Efficiency, Asset Pricing and Macrofinance

During his undergraduate sportsbet.iostudies, Bogdan acquired proficiency in both theoretical mathematics and its application in finance. His aspiration to continue pursuing a career in finance while living abroad led him to attend the banking and finance master’s program in Vienna. There, Bogdan applied mathematical principles from a new perspective to continue interconnecting these two fields of study. During these years, he also discovered his passion for research, which prompted him to become a PhD student.

Bogdan’s specific focus is on short selling, impact of short selling bans on equity markets as well Sportsbet loginas the intersection of macrofinance and short selling. In addition, he analyzes the impact  of monetary policy and inflation shocks on firms.

Bogdan likes to run alongside the Danube canal, spend time with his friends, and watch auto sports.

  • Since 2020: PhD in Finance at the Vienna Graduate School of Finance
  • 2020: MSc in Banking and Finance, University of Vienna
  • 2018: BSc in Financial Mathematics, University of Novi Sad
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